High Abrasion Resistant Material – AIM RS Repair Strip

AIM RS Repair Strip is not a typical OEM product. We acquire highest grade rubber compound from established Germany manufacturer in large volume and custom-made into repair strip according to customer required size.

AIM RS Repair Strip is a very high tensile and high abrasion resistant conveyor belt patching material.

The composition is based on high quality rubbers with a red tacky back and is most suitable for use in patching and repairing of conveyor belts.

Repair Strip Malaysia

Repair Strip Malaysia

AIM RS Specifications

Parameter Measurement

Physical Values (approx. mean value)

DIN standard
Specific weight * g / cm³ 1.10 53550
Shore hardness Shore A 60 53505
Tensile strength N / mm² 21 53504
Elongation at break % 550 53504
Abrasion mm³ 60 53516

Comparison between AIM RS and others 

Parameter Measurement AIM RS Repair Strip Conveyor belts Other brand repair strip
Shore hardness Shore A 60 130 130 
Abrasion mm³ 60 130 130