Cold Vulcanizing of Conveyor Belts

Cold Vulcanizing of Conveyor Belts

  • Most contractors are able to provide these services. However, the reliability of these services is still a concern generally.
  • The cold joint fabric may crack within the span of one to three years.
  • Aim Precision Engineering is capable of providing cold joint for any belt size, ranging from small to maximum three meters width, and we warrant the joints according to the belt service life.
  • Our cold splicing joint is done using a special compound and the result of our work are endless and seamless-condition belt.
  • Since our joint does not require heating plates, we are not bound by the size of the heating plates. With such limiter removed, we are able to introduce extra safety factor as necessary.
  • We employed scientific method to calculate the safety factor of the joint bonding area.
  • With our vast experience and proven methodology, Aim Precision Engineering is confident to provide warranty for belt joint similar to belt operation life.

Cold Vulcanizing of Conveyor Belts

Our Value Proposition

  • The number of shutdown days are lower with our cold vulcanizing, especially if the number of belts are high in your operations. Thus, with the decrease downtime for this repair coupled with the reliability that we guarantee, you will be able to run your operations longer which potentially lead to increased income.
  • We are committed to our reliability and thus offer warranty. We believe our work must increase belt life at least to be on par to its expected service life, reduce cost and increase production uptime.
  • While we can guarantee the quality of our joint, we must remember that a system is as strong as its weakest point. Hence, if the non-joint areas are not optimized, they may be damaged way ahead of the joint.
  • We have seen such cases with our existing customers, and hence, if you engage us for cold vulcanizing services, we shall provide free consultation on:
    1) Review of belt design line and provide recommendations to ensure your belt alignment becomes positive.
    2) Review on impact area and determine way(s) to reduce any impact to the belt, such as using our scrapper. This is to ensure the belt life remains long.
    3) Our consultation will be primarily focused on optimizing the belt life, which often has less priority by belt OEM consultants that focused in performance instead.
  • Please contact us here for more information that are specific to your company needs.

Automated Double Acting Roller

Our special-designed tool for cold vulcanizing achieving pressure of 500N/mm².

Cold Splicing

Belt Splicing Warranty = Belt Service Life.